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Here you can catch up on some videos, podcasts, and other media clippings in which I’ve discussed mosquitoes, mosquito-borne disease, general medical entomology, or life as a scientist!

TEDxShorts Podcast: Green Cities Are Great But What About Mosquitoes?


Listen to part of my TEDxParramatta talk about mosquitoes and their place in increasingly “green” urban areas as showcased in the TEDxShorts podcast hosted by Atossa Leoni. Listen in here!

in situ Science: National Science Week and Mosquitoes


For the 2020 National Science Week, I spoke with James O’Hanlon about what its like to spend my summers chasing mosquitoes around the local wetlands. It was a fun chat and you can listen back here!

A chat with the “Careers Guy”: How did I end up studying mosquitoes?


A had a fun chat with “The Careers Guy“, Adam Newman, about my journey to a career in studying mosquitoes. From my early days of surfing and an interest in meteorology through to developing an interest in urban wetlands and the mosquitoes that call them home. Listen back here!

TEDxParramatta: Green Cities Are Great But What About Mosquitoes?

Flash Forward: Flash Back To The Future


I return to the wonderful Flash Forward podcast to talk about genetically modified mosquitoes and how close we may be to deploying them to stop outbreaks of mosquito-borne disease. Listen here!

Flash Forward: The Ultimate Swatting


At the height of the Zika outbreak in 2016, I had the pleasure to be invited onto the brilliant Flash Forward podcast to talk about what a world without mosquitoes may be like. Listen here!

in situ science: Life Vs Science 2019

Triple J Hack explores the future of mosquito management, November 2020


Researchers have found a way to genetically modify mozzies so they stop breeding, but the proposal has met resistance from anti-GMO groups. I spoke with Serge Negus about mosquito monitoring in Sydney and what these new approaches mean for mosquito management in Australia. Listen here.

Climate change and the rise of mosquitoes!

I was fortunate to be asked to participate in the University of Sydney’s “Raising the Bar” event held at Nick and Nora’s, Parramatta, October 2019. The RTB events are a brilliant opportunity for University of Sydney academics to take research to the bars of Sydney! Listen here!