Australian Mosquito Guide


In 2016 I was fortunate to be lead author on “A Guide to Mosquitoes of Australia” released by CSIRO Publishing.

Mosquitoes are annoying, and can be deadly, but they can also be beautiful. A Guide to Mosquitoes of Australia explores the biodiversity of this fascinating group of insects. It provides a pictorial guide to almost 100 mosquito species and includes notes on their biology, habitats and association with disease. They are found in almost every type of environment, from pristine wetlands to polluted drains and from coastal saltmarshes to snow melt streams.

This is the most comprehensive guide to mosquitoes in recent decades and, as well as receiving a number of wonderful reviews, was the recipient of the NSW Zoological Society “Whitley Award” commendation for Natural History Guide.


Contained within the guide are species descriptions for around 100 mosquitoes commonly found in Australia and together with photographs of various life stages, there is a distribution map and notes on the habitats and public health risks associated with each mosquito.

As well as information on mosquitoes and their habitats, there are useful chapters on reducing the likelihood mosquitoes are breeding in your backyard as well as tips on the safe and effective use of mosquito repellents!

If you’d like to learn a little more about the story behind the book, check out the presentation I gave to the 2016 Mosquito Control Association of Australian conference.

You can order the book directly from CSIRO Publishing for $49.95. eBooks are also available from many outlets including Amazon.