10 things to love about mosquitoes!

Mozzie_illustrationI was recently invited by Associate Professor Chris Buddle (McGill University, Montreal Canada) to contribute to his SciLogs blog, Expiscor. With the brief to produce a series of ten interesting facts about mosquitoes, it would be easy to concentrate on their public health significance. “Ten potentially life threatening pathogens or parasites transmitted by mosquitoes” would have been an obvious choice! However, instead of going down that path, I chose the less obvious route and decided to go with “Ten Things to Love About Mosquitoes“!

Please follow the link to read about some of the fascinating, and potentially ecologically important, things to love about mosquitoes; from singing sexy love songs to cleaning up ant vomit to cooling down hot drinks to pollinating plants. Haters love to hate but how about some love for the mosquitoes that aren’t all that bad….

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